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Annette R. Richards, LMSW
EFT-CC, EFT-Adv, EFT-Cert-1, EFT Intermediate Practitioner, AAMET Advanced EFT Practitioner

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                 Oakland County Michigan


Certification Information: EFT-CC, EFT-Advance, EFT Cert-1, EFT Intermediate Practitioner (EFTUniverse) AAMET levels 1, 2 and 3.

AAMET stands for the Association of the Advancement of Meridian and Energy Therapies. I have regular consultation with Ann Adams, EFT Master.  Have completed self study in Energy Psychology Interactive through Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology, where I am also a member.

AAMET Level 3 certifies that I am an experienced EFT Practitioner. I have over 1200 hours of practice with individuals, families, couples, children and all kinds of issues, concerns or problems, results are about 98%, and hold an LMSW in the State of Michigan.  See profile at 

**Remember, EFT Practitioners are not legally certified, as there is no legal certifying body; my certifications indicate that I have completed training and passed exams which certify that I can apply EFT as it was developed or taught.                                                          

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Emotional Freedom Techniques is a system of meridian stimulation or 'tapping' developed by Gary Craig to balance energy disruptions resulting in negative emotions associated with an experience.  

The EFT discovery statement: 'The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system.' Once those energy systems are balanced, such as by tapping, while holding the negative experience in mind, the disruption is corrected.  Once corrected, people report feeling better and have a difficult time feeling negative again when the particular experience is recalled. 

If you are looking for an EFT practitioner, you will find me to be highly skilled in EFT and other energy psychology techniques.  You will find me knowledgeable in many subjects from addiction to problems with reading to trauma to self-defeating beliefs. You will find me to be intuitive.  And, the best way to reach me is by using the phone number or e-mail above.  In this photo, I am shown with several tapping buddies I made; they help my clients to remember the EFT Basic Recipe!  

I work with people for two hours addressing one major problem.  I do not tap the client, the client taps themselves sitting across from me. The client follows my tapping sequence. The time together is spent doing a bit of detective work toward getting at root causes while my client learns EFT for him or herself. I use a contract/consent format which indicate potential risks, obtains consent, identifies persons are taking responsibility for themselves, that there is on-call phone support, a written session summary and refund of half if a client does not achieve the desired outcome.  Any subsequent sessions desired are set by hourly fee.

Clients report, unlike with traditional mental health therapy formats, a relief to know they can contact me for phone support following a session and that I will call the day after session to follow up.  They also like the idea that sessions do not need to be weekly, and that most problems can be eliminated if not significantly reduced within the 2 hour format.  They like the session summary to remind them of how to use EFT and to remind them of aspects and negative intensities collapsed in session. I appreciate having a way for people to feel better faster while giving them the tools to help themselves independently.  While one session may not be 100%, I guarantee clients will feel better following an EFT session with me and they will have a direction and a technique to continue to work on your concern as you choose. 

My Service goal is that all customers are happy with the service provided, that they are warmly welcomed, are taken seriously and are carefully assisted to use Emotional Freedom Techniques independently and as effectively as possible.

Why should you learn EFT?  EFT is easily the simplest and fastest way for emotional relief.  There are few if any meaningful physical side effects, such as may come from chemical medications.  One need not have to wait for an appointment because once EFT is learned, it is easily recalled and applied by persons who are suffering and desire emotional relief.

Why should you learn EFT from me?  I offer affordable services, I am accessible and skilled in many areas of EFT, from performance to emotional issues and physical issues where an emotional issue is identified.  I am a great teacher of EFT with over 1100 hours of EFT practice with others.   

Why should you learn EFT now?  How much is it costing you to keep the problem?  When I learned EFT by addressing my nicotine addiction I'd had for over 20 years, my income immediately increased by $160.00 per month because I was no longer buying nicotine gum!!!!  My $180.00 investment was a great pay off in other ways too.  I sleep great at night, I stop myself from worrying and use EFT to build new belief systems which are more in line with my highest good.

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